Commercial Book Shelf Expedites Updating Library Carpet

Reduce cost and disruptions during library carpet updates!

Face it, thinking about updating the carpeting in a library just hurts. The thought of breaking down the shelving, packing the books, storing both books and shelving, paying temp workers, overtime for staff and that is before any carpet is removed or replaced, should cause any library management to stall a needed flooring update till they retire! Then there is the library rebuilding that a conventional style of carpet replacement demands! IMG_6515The “old” way of replacing carpet in libraries also means the facility is down for an extended period which could affect income and information access. Not a very nice thing to do a library, the libraries budget, library users, or the staff!

Instead consider how using a lift system changes the scenario when you need to update either broadloom or carpet tile in a library environment. It is a much simpler process! Without removing the books, our lift system simply raises the bookcases, and the carpet is removed and replaced. Even better this technology allows the library to remain functional during the carpet update! Since using the bookshelf lift system can be done during hours when a library facility is not operational and in stages, the normal function is not disturbed before or during a carpet update.

So instead of having a case of major headaches as well as expense, call US Flooring Group when your library system needs flooring updates. It is the budget and function-smart approach to updating carpets in libraries!