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The Right Floor Now Saves Expense Later!

US Flooring Group, LLC decades of combined experience are at your service. When our experience and dedication to detail is combined with high-value materials, your flooring project is assured to be completed in a timely manner.  We don’t cut corners! Where many companies think that using low quality adhesives will go unnoticed, US Flooring Group, LLC knows that the all aspects of a flooring system need to meet our demanding specifications because we warranty the work we do!

US Flooring Group, LLC, has the expertise to make sure your that when you sign off on any project, it will meet or exceed your expectations of quality and value.

US Flooring Group, LLC has installed millions of square yards of hardwood, LVT, stone, and laminate in residential applications. In commercial office space, carpet tile, vinyl, and laminate are the preferred flooring products. Modern carpet tile is not only as attractive as broadloom, but in most cases, it is also more durable and allows for spot repairs in high wear areas.

Let us help you pick the right flooring system for your application!